Monday, April 12, 2010

Paying the Obama's a visit.

Well, not really but we were in their neck of the woods.  We are made the 4 hour drive out to visit my bff since Jr year at college, D, and her hubby CT.  The way we figured it, we are not going to be in Hill Country for too much longer and we might as well take advantage of living relatively close to them and make the drive out to visit.  I am so glad that we did.
National Cathedral

It was the perfect weekend with a wonderful couple.  We did not do the traditional sight seeing like we did the last time we visited with them, two years ago.  Instead it was a low key, eat amazing food, good conversations, take long walks, and hug your best friend type of weekend.  Perfect.

We spent most of Saturday in Old Town walking around the area and shopping in the unique stores.  It's so pretty in the DC area.  I could totally envision myself living in an area like this and being perfectly content.
Old Town

Gianna in her big girl stroller.

If you are ever in Old Town and have a craving for some fish and chips you have to eat at this restaurant.  OH MY GOD!  It was like a party in my mouth.  The flaky fish, the curry dipping sauce for the fries are to die for.  I was in food heaven.  Of course I finished my plate and left totally stuff to the point where I felt sick.  I did not care. I had a foodgasam.  Leave it to D and CT to know the way to my heart.

The only downside to the weekend was when we were taking the dogs, our pup Zoey and their two Husky's: Hugo and Cheyenne, for an afternoon stroll prior to going out to dinner Saturday evening.  We came upon a house with a vicious dog who managed to bite Hugo, the gentle giant, under a chain link fence.  It was a pretty bad bite so Hugo needed to go to the doggie ER.  The poor pup had to get six stitches to his front paw.  About four hours later Hugo was brought back home. A little doped and with a newly wrapped up paw.  We ended up staying in that night to watch over Hugo.  My sorority sister came over with her boyfriend and a bunch of pizza's.  :)
D and Hugo
We drove back home Sunday morning.  I miss my D already.  Maybe I can convince The Hub's company to do work on the east coast??  


  1. I'm loving the pattern on G's stroller! What kind of stroller is it?

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  3. Thanks! Its a Peg-Perego. I think Pliko P3 2009 edition.

  4. I live in Old Town and frequent Eamonn's ALL THE TIME! The curry is my favorite:-)

  5. I've never been to the East coast but want to go! I love history and Old Town's so thank you for posting the beautiful pictures.

    fyi i'm pregali80 on the bump :)