Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Little Over a Year Ago...

The Hubs and I went to Mexico for what was supposed to be a last hoorah before we got knocked up but it ended up being a baby moon instead.   At that time I was ten weeks along and still could not wrap the idea around my brain that I was having a baby.  I would walk around the mexican buffet and look at the olives and think to myself... that is the size of my baby... you are having a baby.  I think it helped me make our child more real when I could compare her to the size of food.  Still to this day I cannot look at an olive the same way.  It always reminds me of that moment in my life and all of the emotions and excitement of being pregnant with G.

At this point we had no idea what we were expecting, but The Hubs was convinced we were having a girl.    Although in my heart of hearts I felt like it could be a girl I did not feel as strongly as he did about the gender.  He said he just knew.  While we were perusing the markets we came across a cute shop that was selling handmade clothing when we spotted this:

We both fell in love with it.  Looking at this dress I could see my unborn child wearing it.  It made being pregnant real to me.  I looked at it and placed it back on the rack saying to The Hubgs why buy it when we do not know what we were having.  The Hubs insisted that we purchase it.  He said he knew we were having a girl and if we didn't we could save it or gift it to someone who was.  He was adamant that we had to have it.  So we did.

Crazy that one year later it fits my five and a half month old daughter.  Crazy that its been such a warm spring that she has been able to wear it.

Gianna would not look at me outside to take a picture.  The grass and leaves were way more exciting.

Somethings are just meant to be.


  1. That is such a cute story! She looks beautiful in it!

  2. That story is so sweet and she looks so sweet in it!

  3. My parents brought home a very similar (but the embroidered flowers are blue) dress from their cruise to Cozumel! I have no idea what size it is (it might say 0 on it lol) so I'm hoping she'll get into it this summer!