About C

Hi!  My name is, well, I am not going to share my name but you can call me C.  

I am a stay at home mom and I love food, reading, traveling, movies, and apple pie.  I enjoy beer/rum, fashion, and decorating.  I am not a morning person and need that hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning to function properly throughout the day.  I love to cook but not bake.  (Although I will never turn down a baked good.)  I dislike most reality tv, but The Hubs always gets sucked into them so I end up watching too.  

I met my handsome and amazing husband my freshman year of college.  We married October 2007, got our first pet, Zoey, in Oct 2008, and had our first child, Gianna, Oct 2009.  October seems to be the winning month for big changes for us.

I often referred to our life as the gypsy life in this blog.  This was all due to having to move every 18 months for Hub's job in his company.  After living on the road for over four years we finally packed up our stuff for the last time Summer of 2012 and moved into our forever home in the burbs of Chicago. 

After a relatively easy time getting pregnant with our first child we are finding ourselves knee deep in the world of secondary infertility when I was diagnosed with a Diminishing Ovarian Reserve in February of 2012.  All the while trying to find hope and keep faith that we will have another child.  

Happiness Healthy & Love .  These were the things I wished for every time I blew candles out on my birthday cake, when I threw a penny into a fountain and every time I saw a falling star.  Many of times I would have loved to use these occasions to wish for a puppy or a million dollars, but instead I always wished one these three intangible things.  

I am happy to report that due to great genetics, an amazing husband, a beautiful daughter, loving family, amazing friends, and a crazy dog my three wishes have come true.  Even with my new diagnosis of DOR I feel blessed.  When times are rough or when I feel jealousy rearing its ugly face my way I remind myself.... I am happy, healthy and loved.  What more can you ask for?  What more do you need?  The answer.  Not a damn thing.  

I can promise you that there will be plenty of  grammatical errors and even with the help of spell check words will not be spelled correctly.  There may even be a dash of vulgarity and ::gasp:: cuss words.  I can also promise you that I use words in the wrong context.  If you decide to keep reading along you may find you enjoy the ramblings of my everyday life. 

If you would like to contact me further you can reach me at: blushingbrideoct07@gmail.com