Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Breaking a Bad Habit

I have been fortunate to have always had an amazing sleeper.  By the time Gianna was 4 months old she was sleeping a solid 12 hours and taking 3 naps a day without any issues.  I didn't have to rock her, she wouldn't say a peep when I laid her down in her crib, and I never had to cheek up on her in the middle of the night. Totally lucky, I know.

Somewhere along the lines I messed it all up.  It all started about a month or two ago.  Hubs gets up at an ungodly hour in the morning to go to the gym and then comes back home to shower, eat and then leaves for work.  The mornings he works out he is up at 4:00 am and the mornings that he goes straight to work he wakes up at 5:00 am.  He said he tried his best to be very quite in the mornings but for one reason or another he always woke Gianna and I up.  On top of it all she had a horrible cold and wasn't sleeping very well due to the congestion.   So when Gianna would start crying with sleepy eyes I would go into her room, scoop her up and bring her into bed with me.  Together she and I would sleep for another two hours or so.

At first this would happen about twice a week.  I loved the snuggle time and didn't mind that I wasn't getting much sleep in the morning.  My normally non snugly toddler would curl up against me and fall asleep.   I soaked it in and told myself she is not feeling well so its ok.

Then it began to happen three times a week. Then four.  Now it happens every single morning, EVEN on the weekends.  I know that it's no longer Hubs making too much noise in the mornings because after a scolding or two he has become as quite as a mouse when her gets ready for the day.  She is no longer congested so its not that.  I could blame it on teething but she hasn't had any new teeth come through in months.  I have allowed the bed sharing to become a habit.  Plain and simple.

Gianna will now wake up after he leaves and the only thing that will calm her down is bringing her into bed with me.  I have tired rocking her, tried calming her down by rubbing her back and head while in her crib, I tried letting her cry it out with the hopes that she gives up and goes back to bed on her own.  None of it works.  I have created a monster.  She will throw an absolute fit in the wee hours of the morning until I pick her up and bring her into bed with me.  She sleeps like an angel and momma gets an hour or two of unrestful sleep.

I have started this bad habit and I need to break it.  So this is my vow.   Starting today I am going to do everything in my power to break Gianna and myself from this bed sharing habit.  Wish me luck.  I am going to need it.