Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Year and a Half Year Old Tried to Outsmart Us.

Gianna is obsessed with my iPhone.  We hear "phone, phone phone" all day long.  

A few night ago was playing with my phone right before bed time. Per our usual routine Hubs went and grabbed Gianna's blanket and paci out of her crib and asked her if she is ready to go to bed. Usually she will run into his arms and he will take her into the room and lay her down into bed. 

Well this time it was much different.  Hubs came out of her room and into the living room with her blanket and paci and told her that it was time to go bobo. (Our version of night night.)  Instead of running into his arms she scurried out of the living room when with iPhone in hand and into her bedroom. She quickly came out of her room room empty handed. She then ran into my DH's arm and laid her head on his shoulder, as if saying "I am so ready. Take me to bed now." 

We bring her into the room and sure as hell the iPhone is in her crib. We pretend we do not see it and Hubs lays her down in her bed just to see what she does. She quickly grabs her blankets, grabs the iphone and lays down with the phone in hand and with the biggest smile on her face. 

Sneaky little kid. Tried to hide the phone in her bed so she could continue to play with it.  I have a funny feeling that if our 1.5 year old is trying to outsmart us now we are going to be in BIG trouble when she turns 13.  

Miss Gianna with *her* phone.  Not as much fun as mine.