Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Two of my very bestest friends are getting married, one in five days  (EEEEKKK), and the other in about a month.  The month of August I got to be a part of two beautiful showers for my two amazing friends whom I adore.  I love parties and I especially love decorating for them.  In both showers the hostess both did such amazing jobs that I had to share some pics. Hopefully you will enjoy them and maybe you can use some of these ideas as inspirations for your next gathering.

The first shower was for my friend Rachel.  Her theme was a really cute navy and hot pink shower. I like to think of it a nutty sweet event due to there being all types of nuts and chocolate covered everything placed throughout the party.  You better believe that I was all about that and ate more than my fair share.  I  could have left feeling full just on the yummy goodies they had placed out alone.
The pretty guest tables.
The head table.

She had white gerber daisies for the center pieces and alternating pink and navy napkins.  Each guest received a favor of chocolate covered and sugar covered almonds.  These bags were HUGE! Rachel had a large name board so when you entered the venue you would look up your name and find the table you were supposed to sit at.  Then she had made a matching navy and pink table numbers that were placed in the center pieces.  

Danielle (Matron of Honor), Rachel (BRIDE!), Me (Bridesmaid)
The bride wore a really pretty navy dress to go with her theme.

The dessert!
After the delicious chicken salads we had cupcakes for dessert.  I love cupcakes and Rachel had a massive table filled with them.  I was a happy bridesmaid.
The bride and her groom!
At every shower each bridesmaid is given a job, and I always get the most kick ass job ever.  I get to make the bow bouquet for the rehearsal dinner.  Here is Rachel and her future husband with my creation.

Next up is my long time friend Stacy's shower.  Her sister threw her a really cute sunflower/garden themed shower.  
Stacy's sunflower tables.
For this shower the hostess had watering cans filled with sunflowers and baby's breath.  Each guest received what I think is called a hoe... or maybe a pick and two packets of flower seeds.  (Obviously I do not garden but as you can see they were really super cute.) At each place setting there was a sunflower'ed paper name card and a sunflower'ed menu card.  We got to choose our meal from three menu choices: chicken, fish, and salad.

Stacy's hostess had a really cute idea of asking the guest on the invite to purchase an item, any item, in one of the following categories: Sewing, Kitchen, Lawn, Gardening, Cleaning.  We we got there we were then to place them in the baskets pictured below.  The thought behind this was that it's the little odd and ends that you never think to purchase but always end up needing at some point or another and never have.

The odd and ends baskets.
We played a few games at this shower.  One of them being The Newlywed-esk Game where the groom and bride were asked the same question and in return they had to guess what they thought the other answered.  If they got it wrong then the shower guests were to then guess what the answer was supposed to be.  The guest who answered correctly received a sunflower themed gift, pictured below.
Sunflowered themed gifts.  
Adorable, no?  After a super yummy pecan encrusted chicken meal we at my all time favorite cake, carrot cake.  Yet again I was a very happy bridesmaid.
There were two types of cake but I only focused on the carrot kind on the right.

Last but not least the bride and groom both wore sunflowers.
The bride Stacy and her groom!
My job at the shower was, you guessed it... making the wedding rehearsal bouquet. Stacy had so many gifts with bows that I couldn't put them all on one plate so I made a little bouquet for her flower girl.  
Working hard. 
I hope you enjoy these ideas and beautiful showers as much as I did.  Both were beautiful and fun to be a part of.  Rachel and Stacy, I love you both and look so forward to being a part of your big day. MUAH!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Making a list, checking it twice

We leave for Italy in less than two weeks.... more like a week and three days.  I am not going to lie I am starting to get real nervous about this whole flight thing.  Our airline has notified us that our one way flight has now changed to a one stop flight in Amsterdam.  When we asked why they said that they no longer have one way flights  during that time frame.  It sounds like we just missed the one way flights by a few weeks since we are not going during peak traveling season.  Thanks Delta for just changing our well thought out and purchased ahead of  time flight schedule.  Hubs and I long ago decided that we were going to travel with Gianna on our lap since my parents and sister are going to be flying with us  in addition to the flight being one way.  We figured that btw the five of use we could get Gianna comfortable and hopefully have her fall asleep.  (Did I mention that we were taking the red eye?)  Now as the days get closer I am second guessing our decision.   I am nervous about the long flight compounded by the fact that we have a layover and that we have no seat designated for Gianna.  Hubs keeps assuring me that its all going to be okay.  I hope so....  

So due to the fact that we are leaving in a less than two weeks Hubs and I have been madly making up lists of things to do, pack, and stuff to purchase for the trip.  Its come to the point where our lists have been making lists.  Seriously, we have lists coming out of our ears.  Below is our list for Gianna.  For my three readers ;), tell me what you think?

Things to pack for G:

  • Passport
  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Travel Changing Pad
  • Butt ointment
  • Sunscreen
  • Thermometer
  • Tylenol
  • Pocket Bibs
  • Swimsuits
  • Swim Diapers 
  • Stroller
  • Car Seat- Should I try to rent one?
  • Bottles
  • Formula
  • Sippy
  • Favorite sleeping blanket
  • Sun Hats
  • Brush
  • Lotions
  • Body wash
  • Sleepers
  • Jacket/ Sweaters
  • Pants 
  • Dresses
  • L/S shirts
  • Shoes
  • Bows
  • Jar Foods/ Snacks
  • Bowl
  • Spoon
  • DVD Player
  • YGG/ Baby videos
  • Toys
  • Books
  • Perfume- Yes she wears it everyday and it is awesome. 
  • 9mth pics to give to family
The PNP is going to be provided by family in Italy so we do not need to bring that, thankfully.

Am I forgetting anything?  

Monday, August 23, 2010

10 Months!!

My baby girl turned 10 months old yesterday.  Someone hold me before I faint or cry.  Typically I write a really long blog post just about her 10 month milestone but Pretty Girl just went down for her morning nap so I have about an hour to write a quick blog post, eat breakfast and shower.  This is the new fast paced life of a mobile, nom on anything in site, get into everything within reach child.  So we are going have to keep this one quick.  
This is the sad state of her toys.  I am not kidding when I say she noms on EVERYTHING!!

Have I told you that she blow kisses?  No?  It's the sweetest thing.  Many times she will imitate you when you blow her a kiss but there are there are those rare times when she is in the midst of pulling all her books off the shelf when she will stop, turn around, look you in the face and smack those lips together.  It gets me every time.  Does she know what she is doing?  Probably not but I will continue to pretend that my baby girl is telling her mamma that she loves her with all her heart.

She also has become quite the cuddlier.  A few months ago she has started laying her head on our shoulder when we hold her in our arms and now she will crawl up to us and lay her head on our laps.  Sometimes she even comes up to us and give us a hug.  Hubs and I are both soaking it in.  I will take as many snuggles and hugs as she is willing to give to me cuz sadly and too quickly there may come a day when I am going to want to hug my baby girl and she will be too "grown up" for any affection.

She has started to stand on her own. She will cruise the furniture and then find something that interests her. She will grab it and inspect it all the while not holding onto anything.  She did it once and I thought it was a fluke.  Then she started doing it again and again.  Now she does it at least a handful of times during the day.  Once she realizes that she is not holding onto anything but the object in her hands that she just scooped up she will immediately bend her knees and plop her butt down on the floor.  Even with this new milestone I don't think she will be walking anytime soon.  I am thinking that maybe we will have a walker once we come home from Italy, so maybe a month from now? (WE LEAVE IN TWO WEEKS!!!!)

Gianna is still in 18 month clothing.  She has a few 12 month outfits that she still fits into but I doubt that they will remain in her closet for much longer.  After she outgrows these 18 month clothing she has nothing bigger in her closet albeit an outfit or two.  The few outfits that she does have are 24 months but they are huge on her.  I know I have to purchase all of her fall and winter clothes but I am at a loss at what size I should get her.  I am trying to factor in that her weight and height gain is slowing down dramatically from when she was an infant so I *think* she will be in these clothes for quite a bit. She will hopefully be walking in the next few months so that comes into play too.  Although she is quite the chunkster now I hear once they start walking they loose the remaining chunk so what do you do?  Purchase more 18 month fall clothes or continue to purchase 24 mths/2T? Suggestions anyone?

And last but not least here are some pics of Miss G enjoying the last of the summer with her furry friend Casy.
Its hot out.

Excuse me, Casey.  I am just going to drink some of this water right here.  
Ok, your turn.
You done? 


Friday, August 13, 2010

Welcome to the World Ava Elizabeth!!

Miss Ava
My sister in law gave birth to a beautiful baby girl yesterday morning, Ava Elizabeth.  She was born 3:37 am, 7 pounds 5 ounces and 19 inches long.  Absolutely perfect.
Big brother Landon checking out his new baby sister.
Frizzy haired Aunt C with baby Ava.

A while ago I made Gianna a bow holder that my sister in law fell in love with, so of course I made one for the new baby.  Instead of painting the background like I did with mine I modge podge'ed scrap book paper to the wooden plaque.  I am really happy with how it turned out.  I made the final touches last night because my in laws didn't have a name for Ava until she was born.  I haven't given it to my sister in law yet and only hope my she likes it as much as I do.

I am so excited to see Gianna and her newest cousin, Ava, grow up together.  I foresee lots of baby dolls, barrettes, and Barbies in our near future.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Poor rejected, lonely and sad Sophie,  thrown and forgotten in the corner. 
Actual 99 cent dog toy, love at first chomp.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

When you know you have officially lost it.

I came to the point this weekend where I had to admit that my "pregnancy brain" has taken a permanent residency in my head but answers to the new name, "mommy brain".  Last night I was sitting on the couch zoned out to the world while Hubs was rummaging in the fridge for his late night snack when I suddenly hear "What the hell!?!?!?" I look up at him and he is standing in front of our fridge with the door wide open and a dirty rolled up diaper in his hand.  He then says to me "Do you realize that you put this in the fridge?!?!"

I knew I changed Gianna's diaper before we put her down for bed.  I knew I grabbed the diaper to bring it to the trash in the kitchen.  I could have sworn that I threw it in the trash.  I vaguely remember going into the fridge.  I have no recollection of putting the diaper into the fridge.

We crack up.  Seriously, who does that?  I do.  My brain has officially turned into mush.  I was just thankful that it was a pee pee diaper and not the other kind.  The saddest and funniest part about it all is that when Hubs first took a glance at the diaper he got all excited thinking that it was some kind of awesome leftovers.  It sure was some leftovers... Gianna's...and not the awesome kind.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

For Those Who like Bathroom Humor...

I heated up spinach pie for lunch on Friday for Gianna, Hubs, and I and we all pigged out on it.  Well, a few hours later while shopping at the mall I was doubling over in pain and had to use the little ladies room... more than once.  I came home and told Hubs and he said that he too felt awful afterwards.  We teased that it was only a matter of time before Gianna would have a massive blowout.  (If only I knew...)
Hours passed with no problems for Gianna so we all go out to dinner with my IL's.  Gianna is sitting and eating nicely in her highchair when she starts grunting.  Her face gets all red and she was really really working hard on her business.  After she was finished I went to go change her and I notice a massive portion of the back of her white shirt is now all brown and green. When I further inspected I found that the stuff is all oozing out of her diaper and pants.  I immediately pick her up and with my arms extended out run to the bathroom.  Once I get there I find that I only have two wipes.  No joke this is a 10 wipe job.  What do I do?!  WHERE DID MY WIPES GO?!
So I literally scoop up as much goop as possible with the one wipe and throw that into the toilet. I have one whip left to clean up the rest of the mess that is basically covers all of Gianna's front to all the way up her back.  I did the best I could.  That wipe just didn't cover it.  In a panic I could only think of one option... I brought her naked body to the sink and I washed her.   My mother-in-law ran into the car and came back with an extra outfit and we dressed her.  I then told my waiter what had happened and  profusely apologized but thought they should know so they could bleach the sink.  
I was thanking my lucky stars that this place is a family atmosphere type restaurant and the waiter was really good about the whole thing.  Dinner was over and we go to pay our bill.  I do what I always do when Gianna eats out prior to us leaving ... I clean her mess under the table.  Then I see it.  There was a glob of poop on the floor under her high chair. Nothing got on her chair so I had no idea that some plopped onto the floor.  I wanted to DIE!!! I of course cleaned that up, told the waiter so they could bleach the floor, left that him the biggest tip known to mankind and then sprinted myself out of that restaurant.  

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Nine Month Professional Pics

On Friday Hubs and I took Gianna to Portrait Innovations for her nine month pics and I love how they came out.  I personally have been having a real hard time getting Gianna to look into the camera and smile because she is just to darn busy exploring.  This made me a bit worried that the photographer would have a difficult time as well.   I could not have been more wrong. The moment we brought Gianna into the studio room she sat in that white whicker chair she just hammed it up for the camera. 

I see so much of Hubs in this picture. 

My personal favorite.

This too is my other personal favorite. 

These are just a few of my favorites.  The photographer took well over a 100 pictures and I would say 90% of them made me die of cuteness overload.  I hope you all enjoy these as much as we did.