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Two of my very bestest friends are getting married, one in five days  (EEEEKKK), and the other in about a month.  The month of August I got to be a part of two beautiful showers for my two amazing friends whom I adore.  I love parties and I especially love decorating for them.  In both showers the hostess both did such amazing jobs that I had to share some pics. Hopefully you will enjoy them and maybe you can use some of these ideas as inspirations for your next gathering.

The first shower was for my friend Rachel.  Her theme was a really cute navy and hot pink shower. I like to think of it a nutty sweet event due to there being all types of nuts and chocolate covered everything placed throughout the party.  You better believe that I was all about that and ate more than my fair share.  I  could have left feeling full just on the yummy goodies they had placed out alone.
The pretty guest tables.
The head table.

She had white gerber daisies for the center pieces and alternating pink and navy napkins.  Each guest received a favor of chocolate covered and sugar covered almonds.  These bags were HUGE! Rachel had a large name board so when you entered the venue you would look up your name and find the table you were supposed to sit at.  Then she had made a matching navy and pink table numbers that were placed in the center pieces.  

Danielle (Matron of Honor), Rachel (BRIDE!), Me (Bridesmaid)
The bride wore a really pretty navy dress to go with her theme.

The dessert!
After the delicious chicken salads we had cupcakes for dessert.  I love cupcakes and Rachel had a massive table filled with them.  I was a happy bridesmaid.
The bride and her groom!
At every shower each bridesmaid is given a job, and I always get the most kick ass job ever.  I get to make the bow bouquet for the rehearsal dinner.  Here is Rachel and her future husband with my creation.

Next up is my long time friend Stacy's shower.  Her sister threw her a really cute sunflower/garden themed shower.  
Stacy's sunflower tables.
For this shower the hostess had watering cans filled with sunflowers and baby's breath.  Each guest received what I think is called a hoe... or maybe a pick and two packets of flower seeds.  (Obviously I do not garden but as you can see they were really super cute.) At each place setting there was a sunflower'ed paper name card and a sunflower'ed menu card.  We got to choose our meal from three menu choices: chicken, fish, and salad.

Stacy's hostess had a really cute idea of asking the guest on the invite to purchase an item, any item, in one of the following categories: Sewing, Kitchen, Lawn, Gardening, Cleaning.  We we got there we were then to place them in the baskets pictured below.  The thought behind this was that it's the little odd and ends that you never think to purchase but always end up needing at some point or another and never have.

The odd and ends baskets.
We played a few games at this shower.  One of them being The Newlywed-esk Game where the groom and bride were asked the same question and in return they had to guess what they thought the other answered.  If they got it wrong then the shower guests were to then guess what the answer was supposed to be.  The guest who answered correctly received a sunflower themed gift, pictured below.
Sunflowered themed gifts.  
Adorable, no?  After a super yummy pecan encrusted chicken meal we at my all time favorite cake, carrot cake.  Yet again I was a very happy bridesmaid.
There were two types of cake but I only focused on the carrot kind on the right.

Last but not least the bride and groom both wore sunflowers.
The bride Stacy and her groom!
My job at the shower was, you guessed it... making the wedding rehearsal bouquet. Stacy had so many gifts with bows that I couldn't put them all on one plate so I made a little bouquet for her flower girl.  
Working hard. 
I hope you enjoy these ideas and beautiful showers as much as I did.  Both were beautiful and fun to be a part of.  Rachel and Stacy, I love you both and look so forward to being a part of your big day. MUAH!

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