Thursday, September 2, 2010

I am Either Really Stubborn or Just Crazy.

Who am I kidding?  I am probably a dash of both.
I leave for Italy in four days and there was one thing that I desperately wanted to have done prior to my vacation but had no time to do.  I wanted a Brazilian.  As in a flown blown take EVERYTHING off bikini wax.  
Hubs has been working insane hours due to this job in Corn Country beating the life out of him in addition to needing to get stuff done prior to our trip.  Normally that would not that big of a deal but at the moment we only have one car here in Corn Country.  We decided to leave my car in Hometown for a while because btw my best friends weddings and Gianna's 1st  birthday I have a few weeks planned where I will be staying there and need my car to get around.  This gives me no opportunity to get to a salon prior to making the drive to hometown since DH leaves for work before the sun is out and comes home after the sun has set.  We drive to Hometown on Friday afternoon and will not get there until probably 1 am.  Then we wake up Saturday and drive two hours up north to celebrate Hubs grandma's 80th birthday then after the party we will make the drive back home.  Saturday night we get the bags ready to leave for Italy and Sunday at 7:00 am I have to report to my friends hotel room to get all pretty for my bridesmaid duty.  All day Sunday we will be doing the wedding thing.  Monday we leave.  
I was desperate.  My lady bits needed some help.  Shaving was not an option due to horrible ingrown hairs and rashes it gives me.  And honestly, I didn't want the upkeep that shaving brings while on vacation.  I decided I was going to give myself a Brazilian.  Yup, you read that right.  I was going to do THAT to MYSELF.  Hubs came home a little earlier last night  so I gave him a kiss hello, grabbed the keys, and ran out the door.  I had to get to Sally's before it closed.  
I bought the stuff, came home, and went right to work it.   I am pleased to say my vagina made it out in one piece! THANK GOD!
I bought this:
Its called GiGi Brazilian Wax Kit.  This is the green wax kind and didn't need strips.  It was a microwave kit so I put an old towel on my kitchen floor and set up shop there.  You better believe that Hubs gave me the side eye but I had a feeling that I was going to have to reheat this kit more than once so I stood my ground.  There were some moments where it was pretty painless and some moments where F bombs were said and major hot flashes occurred.  At one point Hubs told me that it just sounded like it hurt so being the awesome wife that I am I told him I would be more than willing to give him a bikini wax so he could try it out.  He declined the offer.  
I did 99% of my area but chickened out at an area about a half an inch.  I kept trying to talk myself into doing that last little part but I could only take so much self abuse, so I put the kit away.   
Tips if you decide to do it: 
  • Make sure your hair is trimmed short.  
  • Believe the directions when it says put wax the way the hair grows, hold tightly and pull in the opposite direction- FAST. (I added the fast part.) 
  • If you buy a microwavable kit stay near the microwave. You will have to reheat the wax at least one more time and any time going btw the microwave and the waxing area is time where that stuff is going to go cold.  
  • Do little bits at a time.  
  • It can mess up your fingernail paint so if you just freshly painted your nails and you do not want to redo them I suggest you wait a few days.

All in all I am happy with the results.  I would probably do it again.  I am just that crazy.  

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  1. I give you mad props woman! I don't know if I could inflict that pain upon myself. But you've actually sold me on the idea in general... so we'll see! Glad it went well :)