Friday, September 24, 2010

Sweet Friday

I loved today.  The air was a warm temp with just a bit of cool wind.  Just enough sun and shade to keep you warm and cool.  It was the perfect autumn day.

Gianna and I enjoyed the afternoon outside while testing out her new big girl walking shoes and playing with her new toy that her Grammy gave her.  
Totally cute shoes, no?
I love how she has no fear when she is zooming round with her new toy.  She only stops when it she steers it off the pavement and onto the grass or wood chips.  She discovered that leaves crunch when you step on them. So while holding her hand she would walk up to each leave she saw and stomp on it until she was satisfied that it was all crunched out and then would move on to the next.  

Afterwards we went inside and I made Oreo pops for my best friend's bachelorette party that I have to attend tomorrow night.  I have always wanted to try them out and figured this would be the perfect opportunity test them out.  If I liked them then I was thinking I could make them as favors for Gianna's first birthday party.  

I am super pleased with how they came out, especially since I am baking deficient, so I am going to share with you the pictures of my little baking adventure.  (Although I don't know if you would even consider this baking...)
All you need is Oreos, melting chocolate, sticks, wax paper, clear bags and twisties.

Warm the chocolate first and then dip one end of the stick into it after its all melted.  Put the stick into the oreo and let cool.  This keeps the Oreo from falling apart when dipping it into chocolate.  (Trial and error and a whole lot of cussing influenced me to think of this neat little trick.)
Once cool dip those bad boys into the chocolate.
Then place them on top of the wax paper and let cool for about an hour or so.  

Once cool wrap them up tightly in a cellphone bag thingy. 
To display them I wrapped a styrofoam block, made holes and stuck them in the holes.
Taaaa daaah!  The chocolate covered ones are made with Peanut Butter Oreos and are freaking amazing.  
They were super fun and easy to make and I think they make a pretty presentation.  Even Gianna enjoyed this little project and helped out a bit.

It was a perfectly sweet Friday. 

For those who care... I promise to post pics from our vacation soon. I have been having some computer issues and haven't been able to upload any pics onto my computer. All our pics are on Hubs computer and he has his computer with him in Corn Country while I am here in Hometown.  He is bringing home a CD of all the pics this weekend so as long as all goes well pics will be posted next week.  


  1. Gianna keeps getting more and more gorgeous! those treats look really good! and why is it that little girl shoes are so much cuter than little boy ones? not fair! :)

  2. Cute shoes! H hates shoes right now... I'm wondering if she'll ever like them? I can't believe what a big girl G has become... it's so crazy to think back when our girls were just born & now look at them! Aaaah!