Monday, August 23, 2010

10 Months!!

My baby girl turned 10 months old yesterday.  Someone hold me before I faint or cry.  Typically I write a really long blog post just about her 10 month milestone but Pretty Girl just went down for her morning nap so I have about an hour to write a quick blog post, eat breakfast and shower.  This is the new fast paced life of a mobile, nom on anything in site, get into everything within reach child.  So we are going have to keep this one quick.  
This is the sad state of her toys.  I am not kidding when I say she noms on EVERYTHING!!

Have I told you that she blow kisses?  No?  It's the sweetest thing.  Many times she will imitate you when you blow her a kiss but there are there are those rare times when she is in the midst of pulling all her books off the shelf when she will stop, turn around, look you in the face and smack those lips together.  It gets me every time.  Does she know what she is doing?  Probably not but I will continue to pretend that my baby girl is telling her mamma that she loves her with all her heart.

She also has become quite the cuddlier.  A few months ago she has started laying her head on our shoulder when we hold her in our arms and now she will crawl up to us and lay her head on our laps.  Sometimes she even comes up to us and give us a hug.  Hubs and I are both soaking it in.  I will take as many snuggles and hugs as she is willing to give to me cuz sadly and too quickly there may come a day when I am going to want to hug my baby girl and she will be too "grown up" for any affection.

She has started to stand on her own. She will cruise the furniture and then find something that interests her. She will grab it and inspect it all the while not holding onto anything.  She did it once and I thought it was a fluke.  Then she started doing it again and again.  Now she does it at least a handful of times during the day.  Once she realizes that she is not holding onto anything but the object in her hands that she just scooped up she will immediately bend her knees and plop her butt down on the floor.  Even with this new milestone I don't think she will be walking anytime soon.  I am thinking that maybe we will have a walker once we come home from Italy, so maybe a month from now? (WE LEAVE IN TWO WEEKS!!!!)

Gianna is still in 18 month clothing.  She has a few 12 month outfits that she still fits into but I doubt that they will remain in her closet for much longer.  After she outgrows these 18 month clothing she has nothing bigger in her closet albeit an outfit or two.  The few outfits that she does have are 24 months but they are huge on her.  I know I have to purchase all of her fall and winter clothes but I am at a loss at what size I should get her.  I am trying to factor in that her weight and height gain is slowing down dramatically from when she was an infant so I *think* she will be in these clothes for quite a bit. She will hopefully be walking in the next few months so that comes into play too.  Although she is quite the chunkster now I hear once they start walking they loose the remaining chunk so what do you do?  Purchase more 18 month fall clothes or continue to purchase 24 mths/2T? Suggestions anyone?

And last but not least here are some pics of Miss G enjoying the last of the summer with her furry friend Casy.
Its hot out.

Excuse me, Casey.  I am just going to drink some of this water right here.  
Ok, your turn.
You done? 



  1. hooray for 10 months!
    and i'm insanely jealous of your Italy trip. insanely!

  2. Happy 10 months G!
    I wouldn't worry too much about clothing sizes. I bought Jackson 18 month clothes for the fall.. and I also got some 24 month clothes too.. fall or winter, it is the same pants and long sleeves... so start with 18 months and go from there.. it will all get worn before the spring.
    Jackson is 30.5 inches and 18-24 month pants are SO long on him still.