Thursday, April 22, 2010

Half Birthday

My Pretty Girl is six months old today. Holy shit. Where did the time go? No, seriously my baby is becoming a not so baby waaaay too quickly. Little Miss G is becoming such a big girl now. All she wants to do is go go go. Its to the point where she no longer wants to cuddle in mommy's arms but instead she wants to roll all around on the floor and with such determination to grab this toy or that toy.  I put her in her crib and come back to find her flipped over, all the way on the other side of the crib, on her knees, with her butt high in the air, sleeping. How in the world is that comfortable to her? I will never know.

Her hand eye coordination has improved tenfold. She can easily manipulate objects, moving toys from one hand to the other, and back again. Finally ending their journey to her mouth. She has mastered the art of toe sucking. With that comes her special talent of taking her socks off her feet. As soon and her pants come off she knows diaper changing is next and her feet go directly into her mouth.

Speaking of manipulation... that girl knows how to get what she wants. If you are out of eye sight and she wants your attention she'll let you know. If she thinks she did something pretty fantastic she will look at you and wait for your reaction. She wants you to laugh at her and praise her. If you are not paying attention to her.... she lets you know that she does not appreciate it.  The Hubs and I are going to have our hands full when she becomes a teen.

We started her on purees. Fruits and Veggies.  She hates all of them. Each time I introduce her to something new I get all excited thinking I am going to get this awesome reaction. Well, I do get a reaction but its not the awesome that I hope for. She scrunches up her face and many times just spits it all back out. Sometimes she even gags. Then she will clamp her mouth down shut and turns her head. Store closed. Come back again soon. You would think I was poisoning her or something. I just recently gave her a bit of a puff, thinking to myself that she is going to loooove these. Nope. Not my kid. What kid does not like puffs?! I am thinking that eventually she will appreciate the taste of different foods. I mean, she is my child and I LOVE ALL food so she has to too? Right?

I wouldn't trade it for the world.  I always heard parents say that but now I really really understand what they mean.  

Happy 6th month day, my little diva.


  1. Happy 6 months :)
    She's a doll.

  2. Happy 1/2 birthday Miss Gianna :)

  3. Boo, I'm a day late :(

    HAPPY 6 MONTHS G!!! You will learn to love all the foods your Mama, Me and Rosemary do! Soon I'm sure!

    It's so crazy our babies are 6 months! Seems like just yesterday we were in 2nd tri and that was a year ago! Have so much fun with her and I really can't wait for us all to meet up sometime this Summer!

    Oh, and now I'm officially the last blog to NOT have a button. Off to add yours to my blog... :)

  4. Happy 6 months beautiful girl!