Monday, April 19, 2010

Check out how cute my family is...

cuz it will be awhile until you see more photos from us.  Stupid me just realized that I left our camera charger back at our place in Home Town and after we took a few photos on Friday our camera died.  I am totally kicking myself.  How am I supposed to get a six month picture of Gianna on Thursday when I have no camera?  Do I go to the store and buy a new camera charger that I *may* only need for a week?

My parents may be visiting us this weekend and I asked them to stop at our place to pick up the various things that I so happened to have forgotten on our last visit home and bring it with them when they come here.  Oh yes, there is much much more that I accidently forgot to repack on our last visit to Home Town that we have just been living without over the past two weeks.  If they do not come then I will be SOL until we go to Home Town May 2nd.

This is just the shitty reality with living on the road.  You are always needing something, people places or things, that are just not where you are at.  We have solved some of the headache buy buying two of everything, but buying two of every.little.thing. adds up.  Living in two homes states away from each other sucks.  Living on the road just sucks.

I digress... so here is the cuteness that is us.

Can I bitch just for a second more????  Another thing that sucks with living on the road.... we rarely get pics of all three of us together as a family.  


  1. Seriously! You 3 are ridiculously good looking! =)

  2. Could you guys BE any cuter?!?! Also, please tell me where you got her dress, Marley wants one.

  3. Thanks guys!! Krystal- I got it lat year from carters. They are selling a similar version this year...,default,pd.html?start=7&cgid=carters-baby-girl-sunsuits

  4. you guys are adorable. I have found that I love the self timer function on the camera. :)

  5. Great pics! I can't believe how well she sits... I am jealous!