Monday, April 5, 2010

March Madness

It's not smart to go to the bar to root for your alma mater the night before a big holiday especially when your daughter has suddenly refused to sleep through the night and you have to spend five hours in a car the following day with that child to get back to Hill Country.  Would I do it again??  Hell yes, but I have never proclaimed to be the smartest person on the block.

Momma hung out with amazing friends and got buzzed.
My beautiful younger sister and I

It was an intense game.

My BFF since the 7th grade, S.

The Hubs and I.

We drank, ate, watched basketball and drank some more.  Being in Hometown and being out is not complete until you make a late night stop at the local Coney Island and pig out on chili cheese fries, with chili and cheese on the side please.  Sad that we lost but overall throughly enjoyed the night out.  

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