Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A week of firsts.

Being back in Hometown was not only wonderful and refreshing for me it was a week filled with first for our little family.

Gianna had her first taste of rice cereal.  In the beginning she was not a fan.  I put the food in her mouth and she would just keep it open and let the cereal/droll fall out.  Towards the end of her first feeding she got much better and polished the bowl clean.  Now she is like a new born birdy.  She opens her mouth and sways her head back and forth in eager anticipation for that rice cereal goodness.  I bought baby oatmeal today and am planning on giving it to her at night once she hits 5 mths when she starts getting two feedings.

Nonna brought down a box of old baby clothes that my sisters and I wore when we were babies and lo and behold there were some gems in there.  The one that got me most excited was our baby snowsuit.  I had yet to take G out into the snow and it was something I wanted to do before it officially became spring and all the snow melted.  It felt like the stars aligned for this moment cuz that the snowsuit fit perfectly, there was snow outside and it was a warm 45ish degrees.  absolutelyf'ingperfect!

She must take after her father because I would never be this happy to be outdoors, especially in the snow.

The first that I personally enjoyed the most was date night with The Husband.  Due to not knowing too many people in Hill Country and being so busy with family in Home Town we have never had the chance to go on a date without G.  I have not been on a date with him in over 4.5 months.  Grammy volunteered to spend the night at our place in Hometown and watch G while The Hubs and I went to a dinner and a movie.  

It was so nice.  So so nice.  I could just relax.  I did not have to worry that it was close to my baby girl's bed time and that the restaurant noise would keep her up.  I did not have to worry about if she will cry out in the restaurant and bother other patrons.  I did not have to worry.  But I did in a new way cuz that is what moms do, worry.  After a quick text to my MIL asking if G went down to bed okay I relaxed and enjoyed The Hubs company.  We held hands, hugged, and stuffed our faces.  

Afterwards, we saw The Blind Side and we both fully enjoyed it.  I love going to the movies.  I was surprised to see the movie theater packed with teens going to see Alice in Wonderland.  I mean PACKED. We were the only "adults".  I teased The Hubs that soon enough that will be our little girl.  He disagreed.  He said that she will stay at home with her daddy and watch movies with him until she is 24.  Yeah right.  Overall, the whole night was such a treat.  I am going to make sure that we do not wait another 4.5 months until our next date.  

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