Tuesday, March 16, 2010


If I could ask my daughter who her BFF is I am pretty sure she would say Zoey.  I think that Zoey thinks Gianna is pretty neat too.  Their friendship began the moment we brought Gianna home.  Although, Zoey at first was a little apprehensive of this tiny human who cried every three hours the apprehension quickly turned into curiosity.

The curiosity blossomed into love.  Zoey wanted and still wants to be as close as she possibly can be to Gianna.  She wants to lick her face, hands, ears, and toes.   If I would let her, she would nuzzle up and sleep next to her every chance possible. 

It's a good thing that my daughter is just as smitten with her dog as her dog is of her.  Zoey is her favorite form of entertainment.  Her favorite toy. Gianna loves to pull  Zoey's hair, hard, and Zoey lets her.  She just lays there and allows it.  Once in a while Zoey will begin licking Gianna as she yanks handfuls of hair out of her body.  

When Zoey growls and plays with her toys Gianna laughs and laughs. She thinks it the funniest thing she has ever seen.  (Which I am guessing by her reaction that it probably is.)  Zoey will then stop playing and kindly offer her dog toy to Gianna.  
They enjoy the same hobbies.  They love doing tummy time together, stuffing soft toys in their mouths,  and rolling around on the floor.  They are both great nappers.  While Gianna sleeps in her crib Zoey sleeps in the rocker in her room.  They are the perfect couple. 

I can only envision that their love and appreciation for each other grow as Gianna gets more into solids.  

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