Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy Five Months, Pretty Girl!

Yesterday Gianna turned five months old!  My baby is growing up too quickly. As much as I would love to freeze time I cannot help but think of the adult that she will soon become.

I wish for her to be independent, strong willed, and a positive leader.  I want her to be confident.  Confident in herself and her decisions.  I want her to feel like she can go against the grain and not have to buckle under peer pressure.  I hope she will understand that the beauty on the outside is only a glimpse of the beauty on a persons inside.  Hopefully she will be caring, loving and genuine.  I would love if she had her father's amazing work ethic and ambition. Driven.  I want to teach her to be humble and gracious.  I hope she blazes her own trail in her life.  Above all, I want her to feel happy, healthy and loved.

I hope I can be the mother I need to be to guide my Pretty Girl to be a woman other women aspire to be.

Happy five months, Pretty Girl.

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