Saturday, March 13, 2010

Grazi, Prego, Ciao.

These are just a few of the words that my little family will be saying come September.  Heck yes, we are going to the mother country!!!  Not my mother country but my mother's mother country... and my father's too.  Still confused?  I am talking about this little slice of Heaven on earth:

The hubs and I are travelers.  We love to go travel and discover new places.  (Which I think makes living the gypsy life a bit easier for us then for most.)  We try our hardest to get out and see somewhere new at least once a year.  It could be only a few states away or it could be oceans away.  It doesn't matter.  Sign us up we are ready to go.

Well, I have not gone to the Boot and Ball in over ten years.  That is ten long years since I have seen my cousins, aunts, and grandmother on my dads side.  We both have really wanted to go for a while now.  I want to introduce MY family to my family.  The Husband has not been to Italy since he was a teen and even then remembers nothing due to going for a soccer tournament and not fully understanding what a great opportunity he had.

We decided that if we are going to go we might as well take advantage of airlines policy that no child under two has to pay full price for a seat.  We have been researching flights and seasons.  Trying to find the best time of year at the cheapest price.  We found it today so we booked it. For the three of us to fly to Rome early September, round trip, $ 980 total.  How fucking amazing is that!?!? In the scale of amazingness I give it a 10, no 11, out of 10. We are using our frequent flyer miles ($70 taxes and crap) to cover one tickets cost, paying $90 for Gianna, and paying $ 820 for the other ticket for two weeks in Italy.

Another awesome plus to this whole trip is that my mom, dad and youngest sister are coming with us.  Same flight and all.  This is going to be help out in so many ways.  1) More people to help us with Gianna for the two long 9 hour flights. 2) Interpreters for the foreign language. I understand everything but can not speak or read too well.  3) BABYSITTERS!!!!!  Nonna has offered to watch Gianna while The Hubs and I explore Italy.  I am not sure how much we will take advantage of this offer but if we want we can.  I am just hoping that my eldest sister and her family decides to come too.  It would make this vacation even more perfect to have my whole extended family there.

Now I have tons of planning to do....

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