Monday, March 8, 2010

We have earrings, folks!

Gianna has some new bling.  I was totally opposed to getting G's ears pierced at the local mall, tattoo parlor or any other scary place like that.  I wanted to go to a safe sterile doctors office but unfortunately the offices in the Hill Country no longer pierce ears.  I contacted my old family doctor in Hometown and asked if the office pierces ears and to my delight they did.  Not only that, they had an availability the very next day.  Wooooo hoooooo! Sign G up!  

The following day with nervous smiles on our faces, well actually only one of us had a nervous smile the other one just had her happy usual baby smile, we sat in the doctors office filled out our paper work and waited.  Then Nonna called and asked if we already got G's ears done and when I said no she said she going to play hooky at her work for a while and was on her way. 

When we entered into the room the doctor came in and asked how Gianna reacts when she gets her shots.  I told her that she cries for a couple mins and then after some comforting she is okay.  She then told me to expect the same with her ears.  We propped her up on the table with Nonna at one side and Momma at the other the doctor measured and marked G's ears.  She then took out this little plastic gun and bam the first ear was done.  We all sat back for a second just waiting for Gianna's reaction and what did she do?  She smiled.  She was looking around at us and was just smiling and laughing.  Go figures.  The doctor quickly did the following ear.  Again, Gianna was all smiles.  It was done.  No tears, nothing.  
Right after getting her ears pierced. She was too hungry for pictures. 

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