Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Neighbors are Corn Husks.

Gianna, Zoey and I have finally moved in with Hubs in Corn Country on the 18th.  (For those of you who do not know you can catch up on what I am talking about here & here .) I have been living here for a little over 10 days and finally have our place situated the way we like it.  Hubs moved into this place the week prior to us and had all the furniture and kitchen stuff in order by the time we got here. (I have such an awesome man.) There was still tons of stuff that needed to be done as always the case when you move into a new place so I have kept pretty busy these past ten days.   I am going to give you a quick evaluation of our new digs cuz I knew you are all dying to know.

The Pro's of Corn Country:

  • I really really love the set up of our new place.  It's a bit larger than the home we own in Hometown and is much larger than anything we have ever rented.  This place has a very open floor plan and could have easily been a three bedroom unit.  We have a family room, a dining area, two bedrooms, laundry room, large kitchen, 1.5 bathrooms, and a large play area/craft station/guest area.  
This area right here is ALL MINE!
  • The amount of storage in this place is amazing.  Both bedrooms have not one, not two but THREE closets.  My clothes and shoes die of happiness.  This does not include the cupboards in the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room and the built in patio storage unit outside. For once we are not storing things under our beds and couch.  
  • We have a gated outside patio area.  I can go outside with Zo and Gianna and have everyone contained to one area with plenty of space for us all.  
  • We live in a nice area/neighbor hood.  We are a few miles from the downtown area and in a really safe part of town.  From the looks of it all of our neighbors are senior citizens so it's really quite and clean.
The Con's to Corn Country:
  • We have a laundry room that has no washer or dryer so Hubs and I had to purchase one.  This was an expense that we were not planning on but with the amount of laundry we have there was no way I could go to the laundry mat every time I need to wash clothes.  It was a must.
  • We had to purchase a microwave because this place did not have one either.  Not too big of a deal but yet again another expense that we were not planning on.
  • There is no bath tub or laundry tub in this unit.  This posed a problem for bathing Gianna.  Hubs bought a handheld shower head and the duck tub so I can bath her, but Gianna is WAY to big for the duck tub. We are making due until we can figure something better out but as or right now its all we have.  Its like washing Gianna in a puddle.  
Duck tub + Gianna = giant fail. 
  • Our place smells like cigarettes.  The past tenants must have smoked.  It's slowly going away or I'm just getting used to it.  It's the worst in Gianna's room.  Gross. 
  • This town is really really small.  There is not much to do and not a whole lot of nothing going on.  I walked around the down town area on Saturday and it's really cute but like most of America it's hurting.  Many of the businesses are closing up or have already gone under.  It's really sad to see these beautiful historic buildings empty like that.  I have to shop at Walmart for my everyday needs, which is a crime in itself.  
  • I cannot find good produce.  I have gone to one farmers market in town, Walmart, and the only other grocery store and everything looks like it's going bad and is super expensive.  I do not know how you can be surrounded by farms and not be selling fresh fruit and vegetables at a reasonable price.  Next time I need fruits and veggies am going to drive out of town to the local farms to get my produce. Hopefully I will have better results outside of this little town.
  • It's so far away from everything.  It's an hour car drive to the two largest cities.  Eight hours + to home town.  So anytime we have errands major errands to make we have to make a day of it.  I have a lot going for the rest of this calendar year in Hometown which will require me to travel a lot back and forth btw Corn Country and Hometown.  I am so not looking forward to it.  Traveling back and forth multiple times with a little one is going to be very tough on all of us.  
Neutral Ground to Corn Country
  • This place is like Mother Nature's own personal green house.  Its hot, so dang hot, and humid.  The sun will be shining one minute and then the next minute out of nowhere a thunder storm will roll though and then just like that.... poof.  Its gone.  It has rained here everyday since I have lived here but it usually only lasts for 20 mins tops.  Then the sun comes out and dries everything up like it as if the rain never came.  I can see why there are farms everywhere in this area.
Regardless of the Pro or Cons its good to be back living with Hubs.  I get my kiss goodbye in the morning before he leaves for work every morning while I am still sleeping.  When he gets home from work Gianna squeals with such delight that it melts my heart.  She then tries to crawl to him as quickly as possible but many times it results to her getting semi upset cuz she just can't get to him fast enough to her liking.  Hubs will then scoop her up in his arms and kisses her all over.  The smile on my loved ones faces when they embrace fills me up with so much love and happiness.  We then finish off the night with dinner with Hubs and snuggles on the couch.  Perfect.


  1. That picture of G in the duck tub is hilarious! Hope you can figure something else out soon! And I'm so glad you and hubs are together :) I couldn't imagine having to live apart from my husband for that long!

  2. OMG I though my Lovie was too big for the duck tub but you've proved me wrong. But it does make for a super duper cute picture- and she certainly looks like she's digging it!
    I hear you on the washer dryer thing. We've been apt hunting for a while now and W/D in unit is our absolute first Must- because of our little spitter, Lovie. :D