Sunday, June 13, 2010

Little Bit of This and That

Since I have been MIA for quite a bit I am going to do a quick recap of some of the happenings here at HHL.

Gianna: Hubs installed a swing.  We love love love swinging.  
Pure bliss face.

Gianna has been teething for the past few weeks.  She is working on tooth number 3,4,5 and 6. 

Appropriate,?  Maybe not.  Funny? Yes.
And that is what we pretty much think about that.  

She has become quite the crawling machine.  She is all over the place in the blink of an eye.  She can go from a laying position to a sitting position all on her own now and has become the master of the pincher grasp.  It's so fun to watch her in full concentration mode trying to pick up a piece of food then to have her try to quickly smash it into her mouth.  Sometimes she makes it.... many times she doesn't.  So then she starts all over again.  

Corn Country: Hubs found a place for us to live.  It's a two bedroom, two bath duplex with a laundry room and tons of storage.  It even allows dogs.  Perfect.  I have not seen it yet but Hubs is waaaaay more picky when it comes to choosing our rentals than I am so I trust him.  He says its in a really nice, has tons of room and is in a quite area of the small town.  The place is not available until the beginning of July so Gianna and I will be staying at our home in Hometown until then and Hubs is going to continue to make the long commute home every weekend.  I am so happy that the mess of finding a place is over with.    

Our trip to Italy:  Gianna and I both needed a passport for this upcoming trip.  She didn't have one and mine was expired.  What a royal pain in the rear!  I could not believe all the hoops we had to go through to get a passport for Gianna.  I do get why they do it but at the same time its not a fun application process.  Also, did you know that you are no longer allowed to show teeth in the photos?  I never mastered the no smile = cute photo look so I attempted a half smirk on my pic.  I look like a convict and I do not look cute.  If you want to imagine what my pic looks like picture me with a bad case of the farts.  Gianna on the other hand looked 100% adorable so all is well.  

Oh and we were notified that our flight is no longer a non stop flight.  The company that we bought our tickets through no longer does one way flights for our area.  We have to make a stop in Amsterdam.  Way to mess up a good thing.  Jerks. 

Me:  To end this post all on a happy note.... this week I noticed that I am not loosing massive amounts of hair when I shower.  I still loose the random four or five strands but I will gladly take it! 


  1. italy! exciting!
    i want to go!

  2. Gianna is adorable in the swing. How fun! That is so nice that you were able to find a place in corn country and your husband won't have to make that long commute much longer. I am so jealous that you are going to Italy. That is my dream vacation. Have fun!!

  3. Oh good idea getting a swing! And that's great your Hubs found a place for you all to live! I'm sure it's been rough, but it's all falling into place. When do you leave for Italy?

  4. Italy? OMG I am SO jealous! And I can't believe she is crawling so well. I guess this is the difference between boys and girls, because Jackson is just not there yet.

  5. I am so jealous of your swing! We have no where to hang one. Stupid condo. :(

    I'm so happy about your living situation. Yay for living WITH your husband!

    Italy!! When are you going? And why can't you show teeth?? Hmm... I think you need to post a pic of your convict look! lol

  6. We are going to Italy the day after Labor Day! I cannot wait!