Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Fun.

This weekend was the perfect summer weekend. It was one of those weekends where you do not have anything overly spectacular planned but in the midst of it all you think to yourself this is what it should be all about.  Spending time with those you love, exposing your child to new delights, and enjoying your weekend to the fullest.  

It started with Hubs coming home late Friday evening from Corn Country and surprising me with a bouquet of flowers and a 12 pack of beer. What a man, right?!  We both had semi difficult week and so we both jumped into our pjs cracked open a beer or two and snuggled into bed to watch a movie.  Never have I thought I would be watching a movie and drinking beer in bed but it was fun, comfy, and felt like home with Hubs next to me.  Regardless of where I am in the world when I am next to Hubs I feel at home. 

My cousin recently graduated from High School and my Uncle and Aunt threw her a  graduation party on Saturday in their back yard.  They rented a bouncy house so all the little ones would have something to do.  For those who personally know me know that I was all about having Gianna "jump" around in this bouncy house and Hubs was all mother hen worried that she was too little.  Well, Gianna "jumped" around in the bouncy house and she loved it.  Lesson to Hubs, listen to your wife.  She knows what she is talking about. 

Then the bouncy house deflated with Gianna and Hubs in it.  I have never seen Hubs scramble as quickly as he did trying to get himself and Gianna out of that bouncy house.  Not gonna lie.  I laughed.  Hard.  Shortly afterward I asked my 2 year old nephew who broke the bouncy house and he said his Uncle did.  Priceless. 

Sunday we got up and went to Hubs hometown festival and spend the afternoon with his side of the family.  They had a carnival in the small downtown area and a parade.   
It was interesting to see what Gianna was and was not afraid of.  The roller coaster made too much noise for her taste but she enjoyed pretty much everything else about the carnival.  It was super hot and humid but she sat contently the whole afternoon just looking around at all the lights and moving machinery.  Her favorite thing to look at was the big ferris wheel. 

Afterwards we all sat in the street to watch the parade.  I am so proud of my little Pretty Girl.  The day just kept getting hotter and muggier and it was nap time but Gianna was a trooper.  She quietly watched the parade pass by while noming her sophie and sippy cup.  We waved at all the pageant queens and HS dance squads.  Her eyes got big and round when the police cars came by with their loud sirens and flashing lights followed by these army like trucks with their loud banging guns.  It was such a fun fun afternoon.  

So much so that I told Hubs as we were driving home in our car from yesterdays events that this weekend was the type of weekend I always envisioned we would have as parents, as a family. He agreed.  

Later that evening after Hubs left to drive back to Corn Country my parents and I went on a walk with Gianna through their subdivision.  Gianna was being unusually quite so we peaked around her stroller and this is how we found her.


  1. Too bad you couldn't get pics of the thing deflating! HA, I can only imagine! :)

  2. She looks so cute in the bounce house and I would have laughed too!