Thursday, July 1, 2010

Remind Me to Shut My Pie Hole

Remember when I was all "Gianna always sleeps through the night.  I am so lucky. Yada yada yada"?  Well, I knew I shouldn't have even mentioned it, not even so much as whispered it, because as soon as I did BAM!  She starts waking up on me.  Couple that with the fact that I already have a hard enough time sleeping when Hubs is not in town I have turned into a walking zombie.  I am thinking it's her teeth but I am not too sure.  To save my sanity, cuz ya'll know I need my sleep, I have bringing her into bed with me when she wakes up early in the am.  Wouldn'tcha know?  As soon as she lays in bed with me she snuggles up to me and she is out like a light.  ::Sigh::  I am probably starting a bad habit.

This morning when she woke up I decided I was going to be tough momma and not let her in my bed.  I went in and consoled her to the point where she was willing to lay back down.  When I finally got her to that drowsy but not totally asleep stage I snuck out of the room very MacGyver like.  I slipped into my bed and after a half hour I finally started to fall back asleep.  Yup, you guessed it.  As soon as I started to drift off to sleep she starts up again.  I then thought to heck with this being a tough momma crap, grabbed her from her crib, and brought her into bed with me.  We both peacefully slept for another hour and a half.

When Hubs comes home this weekend we are going to tackle this waking up business.  Does he know that he is going to be an integral part in getting Gianna to stay asleep?  No, not yet.  But he will catch on real quickly. ;)


  1. We are in the same boat. Belle has been fighting going down to sleep for over a month now. It started out as an extra half hour of rocking her to drowsyness before laying her down and then she would sleep through the night. It worked its way up to taking 4 hours to get her to go down with out screaming her head off. She is slowly learning how to put herself to sleep again. And then just this past week she started waking up in the middle of the night. All different times. We would go in and try to get her back to sleep which would take an hour to get her to go back down again. Finally one night I said let her go shes only whining. Within 10 minutes she put herself back to sleep.

    Good luck. I know hor frustrating it is.

  2. So funny!! But hey, do what you gotta do! You're lucky you get some time with her like that. My daughter will NOT sleep in bed with me anymore or when I hold her or if she's not in a dark room alone. So you might end up training them one way or the other whether you want to or not. I've trained her to be in a dark room apparently because she won't nap anywhere else anymore!! Crap. So much for me being out & about & her just falling asleep easily in the car seat or the stroller. Annoying.

  3. OMG, this is the same thing that J did when he first started teething. He too was sleeping almost all night in his own bed and then all hell broke loose when the first set of teeth starting coming in. I too caved and just brought him into bed with us and he would sleep better but..........he is now almost 3 and is STILL in the bed with us and it all started with the teething. So.....just something to think about, but i totally understand when its 2 am and your completely sleep deprived. Good Luck!