Monday, July 12, 2010

Dancing, Shots and Kissy faces.

One of my longest childhood friends is getting married the end of this month.  I have known her since we were five and, HOLY CRAP, thats well over 20 years!!  We played Barbies together, then got in trouble on the elementary school playground together, had ballet/tap/jazz classes together,  and danced on our high school dance team together.  We have seen each other grow from little girls to women.   I do not see her as often as I would love too but when we do reconnect it is just where we left off at. She is the type of friend who you grab her hand when that amazing song is playing and just dance.

This weekend it was her bachelorette party and we all went out and celebrated my oldest friends "last" night as a single lady. 
Yes, I am proudly rocking a romper. 

So I did what any good friend would do to the bride on her bachlorette party.  I made sure my friend had a blow job, because I am kind and thoughtful that way. 

That a girl!
She had an amazing time and I too had a great time out with some of my longest time friends.  It was a perfect send off for the bride and a great way to say good bye, for now, to my friends.  (Moving to Corn Country this weekend!!  EEEK! More on that later.)

Cheers to the bride!!  I cannot wait until the end of the month to be there for her special big day!

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