Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Verdict Is In.

We are moving to Corn Country, Indiana.  It was confirmed to The Hubs yesterday afternoon.  They would like him there as quickly as next week.  If you have followed my story you may be wondering why the change?  Well, last week Monday we were to hear the final word on if we were moving to Chicago when someone in Corn Country put in his two weeks notice.  This job in Corn Country is a pretty important job for The Hubs company.  If they do well on this job and please the owners it could lead to further jobs and more massive amounts of money for the company.   This meant that once they heard that this employee was no longer going to be with them on the Corn Country job that they needed someone to fill that spot a.s.a.p.  So instead of hearing that we will be moving to Chicago last Monday we were hearing that there were emergency meeting in the corporate office to figure out who would be the best candidate to fill this dudes spot.  Of course The Hubs name came up and that is when our fate change from fun in the city to well, Corn Country.

We are now in hyper active fast forward speed mode... which I knew would end up happening no matter how much I tried to plan ahead, hence some of my anxiety.  We have a game plan, although it's not the most ideal it's a plan and the best we can do right now.  We are going to pack up a months worth of clothes and necessities for Gianna and I and this weekend we are going to move back to our place in Hometown.  We will stay there for at least two weeks to a month.  Meanwhile The Hubs will be in Corn Country living in a hotel scouring the small town for a place to live and evaluating if its safe enough city to raise our daughter in.  Once he finds a place in Corn Country he will have movers move all of our crap from Hill Country to Corn Country.  If all goes well we will be joining him in a month or so.  If not then G and I may live in Hometown throughout The Hubs stint in Corn Country which at this point is one year and he will fly home every weekend.  Confusing and hectic, right?

There are issues with living in Corn Country other than being in the middle of nowhere, with nothing to do, and dying from boredom.  It is a small small town.  Housing is few and far in between, let alone housing that are pet friendly, have a washer/dryer, or even have two bedrooms.  We have Zozo.  We have a baby. We have loads and loads of laundry.  This may pose a problem.

My other issue with Corn Country is that its far away from EVERYTHING!  Airport is two hours away, Hometown is 8 hour drive, nearest city where there is a population over 120,000 is over an hour away. No major stores and not a whole lot going on.  I have been spoiled at this point.  I get to go home to Hometown very often.  My parents, sisters and in-laws get to see my daughter, not as often as I would like but they get to see her.  She knows who they are and they have to this point to watched her grow.  I know that if or when I move to Corn Country the visits from family will be slim to none not because they do not care but because to get to this little town in the middle of no where is sooo difficult.  Our trips back home with a little one and a dog are going to be just as difficult and will rarely happen.  We will be stuck there in a small town with nothing to do and no loved ones near us.

Our last issue and biggest worry is that from what we heard from The Hubs coworker's who already live there is that Corn Country has some pretty shady areas.  It's a well known fact in that area that some of the locals use the fertilizers from their neighborhood farmers to make meth in their homes.  I guess this tiny city in the middle of nowhere is a high meth trafficking area.  Just wonderful.  Above all the other issues we want to make sure that we are raising our daughter in an area where we do not have to worry about taking her to the park, playing in our front yard, or going for a walk on a nice evening night.

I am trying to be brave about it all.  It's only a year.  My marriage is strong our love for our child is even stronger.  We will do what's best for our family even if all of the options are not ideal.  We will make this work.  This job is an amazing opportunity for The Hubs.  I have to have faith that someone up there knows what He is doing.  Its only a year...


  1. So I know its not the news you wanted, but you are being an awesome supporting wife and momma! Do you guys have to live in that town? Can you move to another city (somewhat close by) where you would feel more comfortable? This would mean a longer commute for your husband, but it could mean a better area for your daughter. Continued prayers for your family as you pick up your life and readjust to whatever comes your way!

  2. Hmm, I agree with D… Maybe move to the city that isn't so close, but close enough that he could come home more often or if you needed to go see him, that would be possible. Only one year really is doable. Hubs is constantly getting offers in other cities but they're permanent so we're always having to decide whether it's worth it. But one year, you can do it :)

  3. Closest real city is well over an hour away. Hubs will be working ten sometimes 10+ hour shifts so by the time he gets home G will already be in bed. If that is the case then we figure we might as well stay at our place back home and have him fly in every Friday afternoon and leave Sunday night. (Which the company would pay for.) Although we are not ruling out anything until he gets there and assess the area and whatnot.

  4. I'm sorry it's not the news you wanted but you are definitely keeping a good spirit about it all. I hope everything works out and the town isn't as bad as you have heard. Like you said it's only a year and a great opportunity for your husband. If you end up staying in Home Town at least you will have your family there to help get through that year. You are a strong women, mom and wife. You can do this.

  5. Bummer! You are right though, IT'S ONLY A YEAR! Look how fast the last year has gone by! I think you are making a great decision by having him scope it out first while you stay in your hometown. I am not at all biased that you will live by me. :) I swear.

    Have him scope out the situation and go from there. It'll work out! It's not ideal, but it'll be ok. At least they FINALLY told you what was happening?