Monday, May 24, 2010

Week One: Completed

Week one apart from Hubs has been completed and we are working on week two.  So far its not been too bad.... for me.  I have been keeping so busy with my family and its been amazing in that aspect.  Everyday I have something to do and someone to see.  Such a nice change of pace for me.  There were times when I lived in Hill Country that I felt so incredibly lonely from not knowing too many people.  You can only go to the grocery store or mall so many times during the week.  Here I have family and friends all over the place and its keeping my busy.  Now before you think I am a heartless woman.  I promise I am not 100% evil.  I swear.  I do miss my husband but its at night when Gianna is in bed and its quite in the house.  Its then that I miss having him next to me and when I just want to cuddle with him and talk about our days.

The Hubs on the other hand is having a much harder time with this separation than I am.  He is working long ass days and coming home to a empty hotel room and eating out every night.  It gets real old real fast. He misses his daughter.  He says that she changes every single day and he hates that he is not a part of it.  He has been looking at finding a place to live but being that its a very small town in the middle of nowhere there really is not a ton available.  In the meantime he is going to keep doing the 8 hour commute home every weekend to see his family.  ::SIGH::  It sucks.  Big time.

So I tell him, and myself, to take it week by week.  On Sundays when he gives me a slap on the ass and a long kiss goodbye I tell him that its only five days til we see each other again.  Five days is really not too long.  In the meantime we have been chatting via skype.  BEST INVENTION EVER!  Its like he is right here with us when in reality he is states away.  Gianna seems to love it too.  She smiles, talks and laughs at her dad while skyping with him.  Hubs sings her songs and makes silly faces.  Although their Daddy/Daughter rituals have changed it has not changed their relationship.  Gianna is still daddy's little girl.


  1. Gosh that has to be so hard but you really seem to be taking it in stride. You should chat with Lindsey at Waking Up Williams, she and her husband were apart for a long time when Ryann was little!

  2. Awe. It's great that you have family around now, but that stinks about the hubby!

    Taking it week by week seems to be the best you can do for now. Hopefully something will work itself out and SOON!!

  3. Geez you made me cry! I'm glad to hear that you are able to stay busy and be with the family. You guys are amazing and taking this all really well! Continue the awesome attitude!

  4. You are such a strong women. Keep your chin up. I am glad that you have family and friends around now to keep you occupied. And thank heavens for Skype!

    I left something for you over on my blog!