Saturday, May 8, 2010

Amazing weekend..

and its only half way over.  The Hubs declared this weekend Mothers Day weekend.  He insisted that this weekend be all about me and with the intention of doing everything that I want.  He came up with this plan all on his own.  He started the weekend off with a bang when he told me that I was not cooking on Friday and that he was taking the family out to dinner, restaurant of my choice.    I have to say, I am one lucky bitch.  Although I lost the ability to be able to make a single decision on my own since the birth of my daughter I was up for the challenge.  The weather was amazing Friday night here in Hill Country so I picked a restaurant where we could sit outside and eat.  It was perfect.

Today has been awesome right from the beginning After feeding Gianna in bed this morning and a having a nice little morning snuggle The Hubs brought her downstairs to let me sleep in a little bit.  I love my sleep and am the type that if I do not get a solid eight hours I do not function properly for the remainder of the day.  Needless to say, I have not been fully functioning for the past six months but that is neither here or there.  When I woke up an hour later we quickly got ready and went to the mall.  The Hubs told me that I am in desperate need of clothing and that he is going to take care of Gianna at the mall while I buy some clothes.  I was not allowed to come home empty handed.  Did I mention that I am one lucky bitch?

He kept to his word.  He knew that I have been meaning to go shopping to buy myself some pants that fit.  It has yet to happen because it seems that every time I go out with my daughter to go jean shopping and we enter the changing room she gets antsy, cranky and fusses up a storm.  My generally happy easy going baby does not like changing rooms.  In return I get all anxious, I look at my pile of jeans and shorts, quickly try on two of my favorite pairs, hate them and then go home.  The Hubs occupied Gianna the whole day and made sure she was content while I went into my favorite stores and sorted through every.single.rack.   He proudly walked her around the mall in the stroller and if she made the slightest peep in protest he attended to her needs.  It was glorious.  In addition to some cute tops, I was able to find the perfect fitting jeans and capris.  I will no longer be walking around like I have a big load in my pants!!! My man is amazing and I am one lucky bitch.

Afterward he went to Jarred while Gianna and I stayed in the car. You know, the "He went to Jarred" jewelry store.  My sister bought me a pandora bracelet and little by little he has been adding beads to it.  He just surprised me with this.
Cute, no?

It doesn't stop there.  Once we got home I played with Gianna in the family room while me made us dinner.  He cooked, ya'll!  The Hubs is many things but one thing he is not is a cooker. He is a griller/ clean up the dishes kind of man but if it doesn't involve a George Forman he can't do it.  He made ground turkey tacos. It may not seem like much but he did it all by himself, including chopping all the veggies.  Then he insisted that he clean up the dishes.  

The plan for the remaining of the night is to crack open a few beers and watch a movie, of my choice of course.  Yes, I am one lucky lucky bitch.  

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  1. Sounds perfect! Good man you have there!