Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday

When it comes to bottle time Gianna usually will snuggle up in my arms, just look at me and lay there like a ton of bricks while I do all the work.  I will attempt to put her hands on the bottle to try to get her to hold on to it which usually results to her batting my hands away and letting out a little screech.  My baby girl is stubborn and its almost like she is saying "Momma, don't even try it.  This is YOUR job."  

I decided to try something a bit different yesterday to see what would happen.
We have a full bottle folks.  THAT SHE IS HOLDING ALL ON HER OWN!!

Look. Do you see what I see? First time ever and all on her own. I am such a proud momma.  Way to go, G! 


  1. so sweet! she looks SO comfy, too. just chillin out, relaxin, drinkin her moo. :)

  2. How cute! It took a while to get Belle to really hold her bottle. She holds on to it when we are feeding her but when we let go it falls. She finally got the hang of holding it when she is in her high chair. But when we cuddle her and feed her, we still have to do all the work. But I am going to miss those bottle feedings when she is done with them.

  3. Nice! we're still waiting. Avery knows how to do it, she just won't, lol.
    And we have those same cushion covers.

  4. Isn't that the best thing ever?