Sunday, July 25, 2010

9 mths

9 months.  Gianna is now 9 months old.  I have a furniture cruising, waving, clapping, crawling, always smiling, into everything nine month old.  I love it.  I absolutely 100% love it.  Everyday she is discovering something new and her personality is emerging more and more.  She is happy, curious, funny and easygoing.  She craves peoples attention no matter where she is at.  She is impartial to who she seeks her attention from. Family, friends or strangers she loves them all and tries to dazzle them with her biggest smile possible.  Unless these people's hearts are made out of stone with a smile like this it usually works like a charm.
I have 8 teeth, yo!
She is ever so curious now.  She wants to touch everything, bang whatever she has in her hands against whatever object is near her.  She picks EVERYTHING up and inspects it then it goes right into her mouth.  She now opens the cupboards and pulls everything out.  I then put it all back in and not even two seconds late she is back at it.  I fold laundry and put them into piles she comes right up and tears it all down and puts it into another pile.  Her pile.  She is SO QUICK!  She is a speed crawler.  She is reigning princess of this house.  It's all hers and because of that my house always looks like a tornado has gone through it.  

When I say she is easygoing I really mean easygoing.  This kid is an amazing traveler.  The things we have put her through due to being in between moves and homes is not normal for a baby. Heck it's not normal for an adult!  She has spent countless hours in a car back and forth from where ever we are currently living for long or short visits to Hometown without a fuss.  She has gone from sleeping in her crib to a pack n' play, to gradmas crib, to a different pack n' play then back in her crib with no problem.  She is resilient.  She has lived in three homes in 9 mths. (Hill Country, Hometown, & now Corn Country) I do long for the days when our life will be less hectic and a bit more stable, but I am so thankful that thus far Gianna has handled everything with stride and has kept her happy smiling composure.  

If I could eat her up I would.  At nine months she weighs about 24 lbs (100th percentile) and is 29.5 ins long (100th percentile.)  She is all rolls.  I love love love her pudgy little fingers and wrists.  I could nom on her massive leg rolls and kiss her smiling baby cheeks all day long.  We laugh at her big belly that hangs over her pants.  We have our very own Pillsbury dough girl.  

So happy nine months, Pretty Girl.  You bring so much happiness and laughter to your Momma and Daddy's lives.  I never knew that my heart could fill up and then overflow with so much love for another human being until I met you.  We love you today, we loved you yesterday, and we will love you forever always.


  1. this is the sweetest thing ever! she is just way too cute! the last picture killed me! and i can. not. believe she weighs twenty four pounds already! corbin is about to be one and he barely weighs twenty!

  2. yay for another chubster!!! M was 22 lbs/30 inches at 9 months :).

    She is just so beautiful, you must be the proudest mama!

  3. Happy 9 months to Miss Gianna! And her and Avery are chub buddies :-).

  4. awww Happy 9 monthday. what a beautiful post for such a beautiful little girl!

  5. she's so pretty- and 8 teeth!!! woo hoo!

  6. Gianna is such a sweetheart! I HAVE to know where you got the orange/brown romper she's wearing in the first picture!

  7. Thank you everyone! Jackie- I actually got that brown and orange dress from Sears! It was on clearance for 4 dollars. Here is the link.

  8. Awww Happy 9 Months!! What a great little girl :) She totally does not look like she weighs 24 lbs! She's such a doll! And I'm so glad to hear that she's so easy going, especially with all of the trips!