Sunday, February 14, 2010

Celebrating with Cupid

Happy Valentines Day!!  One year ago today we were delightfully surprised with this.Two lines that change our lives completely.  I remember like yesterday waking up in the early morning after having a dream of a baby and taking this test.  I ran downstairs I kissed my husband wished him a Happy Valentines Day and he responded that today was just another day.  ::insert laugh::  Little did he know how life changing this holiday, this day, was going to be for us.

After that kiss I ran out of the house with the pregnancy test stick in purse to buy my him a V day gift, all the while keeping my pregnancy results or the fact that I even took the test to myself.  I vividly remember sitting in the parking lot of our local grocery store with shaking hands pulling out that pregnancy test and staring at it in complete disbelief.  I did this repeatedly.  In and on of my purse checking to see if the results had changed.  We did it.  After months of trying we created a baby.  I quickly bought a card and ran to another store to buy my husband a parenting book specifically for fathers.  (This post is a perfect example of how much of a procrastinator  I truly am.) 

In a decorative bag I threw in the pregnancy stick, the book and the card describing how today was not just a typical day but actually one of the most important day of our lives.  I drove home with still shaking hands and handed my husband the gift.  Valentines Day may be just a silly hallmark holiday but for our family it will be a constant reminder of the gift that God bestowed upon us.  This gift:

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