Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy 4 mths to a beautiful baby girl.

My Dear Gianna,
Its times like these that I wish I was better at expressing myself with my words.  I wish I could tell you all the wonderful feelings and emotions that are inside of me when I think of you or when I see your beautiful face.  I am in awe of you.  

You are growing rapidly before my eyes into this big girl.  The smile on your face lights up my day.  It warms my heart.  You do not laugh too often but when you do its so full and deep.  You are learning new things everyday.  Each day is a new discovery.  Like today when you found your toes.  You grabbed a hold of them while on your changing table and smiled the biggest smile.  You knew you did something new and you knew it was something special.  Your big blue eyes shine and show so much expression.  I have loved staring into those eyes from the moment you were born.  You are an easy going, go with the flow type of girl. You are such a good good baby.   

I look forward to spending the future with you.  Sharing the advice that my mom shared with me, going shopping with you for your first homecoming dress, and holding you during your first heartache.  For now I am enjoying the moments I have with you.  I know they'll go by quickly and one day I will look at you and you will not be my little baby any longer.  I cherish moments that you and I share, the smile you give me every morning when I take you out of bed, the fact that I can kiss you all over your face and squeeze you tightly and you do not pull away, and that your eyes follow me when I walk through a room.

Happy 4 mth day, G.  My beautiful amazing baby girl.


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