Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Let it snow!

It's snowing yet again in the hill country.  These little white demons that fall from the sky will not let up.  First it was 20 inches then another 10 and then another whatever inches.  I've stopped keeping track.  This weather has brought our lives to a complete halt.  No way am I taking out my 3 mth old in this windy wintery mess.  Instead we have been cozying up on the couch. Catching up on our DVR, playing in our jumperoo, and cooking homemade hot veggie soup.

Even Zoey is feeling its effects. When she goes outside to do her stuff she has trouble keeping all four paws on the ground due to the cold and the wet.  First one paw comes up then another.  If she could hop on one leg I bet she would do it. With every few steps that she takes she stops and licks one of her cold paws then walks some more.  And again, lick lick.  You would think by now she would have it figured out that instead of stopping to lick her paws every three steps she would be better off running towards the house as soon as she is done doing her business.  Nope, not my dog. Gotta love her. 

Although its nasty out there from the inside of our little home it sure is pretty.  But so would it be if we lived on a beach in the Gulf somewhere...

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