Monday, February 22, 2010

Light up the cigar. It's a Boy!

I am an Aunt once again to a beautiful baby boy.  Dante Elliot was born February 20 at 9:21 AM; 6lbs, 10oz and 10" long.  This would be my sisters second child and son.  He is as perfect as they come and looks like the Italian grandchild that my mom always thought she would have.  Check out the thick black hair and beautiful olive tone skin.

It must have been the weekend for babies to be born because one of my besties sister had a baby 24 hours earlier than my sister.  Beautiful baby girl.  This too is their second child and girl. They named her Sierra Brielle.   On top of that I had three other acquaintances who had babies this weekend.  We got babies coming out of our ears, folks.  

My lovely husband had the gall to say that he wants another baby while we were waiting to meet our nephew at the hospital.  He told every one, including my parents and his parents that he is ready.  I am beginning to think he is on crack.  Baby crack. He has had a taste of it and wants and craves more.  More babies.  Hell to the no!  That is what I say.  If he wants another he can birth it.  One is enough for me right now.  I am going to love and cuddle and enjoy the one I got.

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