Tuesday, June 26, 2012

And Through it all There is Gianna...

My bright, sassy, outgoing, beautiful, adventurous, friendly, full of life child.  I always knew she was a little miracle but with my struggles to achieve another pregnancy and my diagnosis I realize everday how much of a miracle she really is.

I was sitting on a park bench this morning watching her approach these older girls, whom we have never met, with such excitement and enthusiasm and she hollers "My friends are here!!" and my heart bursted with pride.  She walked right up to them and told them that her name was Gianna and asked what their names were.  After the quick introduction they were all chasing each other up and down the playscape.  Almost as if they truly have been friends for a long time.

This is how she is, from the moment she wakes up in the morming.  She stops people in their tracks where ever she is at and demands their attention and people immediately fall for it.  She will talk their ear off telling them about her day or what her momma had for lunch or that one story about that one time eight months ago...  She can flirt and smile her way into even the coldest persons heart.

She is my little blessing.  My walking miracle.  When I am having a particularly rough moment I stop and look at that bursting ball of energy that is my toddler and smile.  I am so thankful for my little girl.

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