Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Diminishing Ovarian Reserve

That was the outcome of my appointment this past Saturday. My ovary production is in the 25% for women my age. Even though there is indeed an issue he said that I was by no means in the freak out zone. I do need help. That is for sure. The way I see it this is my body's way of saying hurry up.

During the u/s they took a week or so ago they look for approximately 10 follicles in each ovary and I had 7 on each. My fsh hormone and amh hormone was also elevated higher than average.

He assured me that my having a period at a younger age had nothing to do with this. Nor does any birth control I took in the past. The count I have is what I was born with. As I'm getting older its diminishing. End of story. (Which was a major relief to me. Gianna could have an early period, like me and the rest of the women in my family, but that doesn't mean she will go through this BS. I was really worried about this.)

He said I have three options: clomid, injectables, and IVF. Basically it is up to Hubs and I on how aggressive we want to be.  Each option has a different success rate and an increase chance in having multiples. He said that getting an IUI vs doing it naturally does not change our success rates with clomid or the injectables. Having achieved a pregnancy on our own prior to this diagnosis only adds 1% to our success.

I asked him if he was in my shoes what would he do. He said considering that I've never had any types of fertility medication he would try clomid first to see how my body reacts to it. 

His suggestion was that we try that for a few months. Then move on to something more aggressive, as long as my body reacts well to it. If it doesn't react well to the clomid then we would change plans more quickly and move on to something more aggressive. 

I asked about natural remedies and supplements and he flat out said to NOT use any. I cannot "fix" this and things like Royal Jelly and wheatgrass do not help my situatiion. He said accupuncter is fine but he doesn't believe it helps or hurts the process.

My final question to him was what the state of my ovaries would be if I do succeed achieving a pregnancy quickly and want to try again in three years for another. He couldn't give me a straight up answer. He said as woman age their ovarian reserve decreases. That is a fact. He cannot tell me right now if my ovaries are on a steep decline or not. So it's basically a we will know when we get there type of thing.

So Hubs and I had to make a decision pretty quickly since I was already in my 2 week wait and expecting my period very soon. I'm to call as soon as I hit CD 1 which is due today. Then we are to proceed with our plans right away. 

Hubs and I had a long talk about it and we decided to give Clomid a shot. The RE plans on putting me on 100mg that I need to take from CD 5-9. I will test later on to see if I will need to take progesterone too. We are not going to go the IUI route.

I feel better. In fact, I feel hopeful again. Its not an ideal disgnosis but it's not destitute. Now I have to just show my ovaries who's boss and those bitches are gonna find out real quick that it's not them. Not anymore at least.

So that's that. 

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  1. Oh lady, I'm so glad you have answers. I hope the clomid works for y'all!!!!