Thursday, March 15, 2012


Let me tell you a short story on irony. February 14th 2009 I took a pregnancy test and to my disbelief when I looked at the test two lines were staring back at me. Nine months later Gianna was born.

This Valentine day instead of looking at a positive pregnancy test like I hoped, I got the opposite, and then made a phone call to a RE. What only took three months to do the first time is proving to be much more difficult the second. We need help. I hope for answers. I pray for a miracle.

We went for out first consultation a week ago and was told about all the "fun" testing we will be will have to do. They encouraged my husband to go in right away and give them a sample of his boys so he did that yesterday.

The RE said that we should be able to get all of our testing done and come up with a game plan before this next cycle comes around. So I wait. Wait for one cycle to end so I can start another which hopefully will make us one step closer to becoming parents to a second child.

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  1. I'm sorry :( Hang in there, sending happy thoughts and prayers your way!