Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

Be prepared to die of total cuteness overload. Lamb style.
Um, I am not too sure about this new outfit mom.
Can you please get this thing off of me?

Puuuuurty please?!

Peace out!
;) In all seriousness she really didn't mind the costume.  As a matter of fact she didn't even fight the lamb headpiece.  I was actually shocked about that part.  The only complaint I think she had with it was that it was a total pain in the rear to get up from a sitting position to walking.  

Now pumpkin carving is a whole other story.

You carve dad.  I'll just relax right here.

Um, What do you want me to do with this thing?
Um yeah dad.  Get this thing off my highchair.

Ew, totally gross. 
Even if Gianna didn't enjoy the whole pumpkin carving tradition the whole day was a ton of fun and the pumpkins came out really pretty.

Hope you all had a great holiday too!!


  1. What a sweet little lamb!! Great pictures!

  2. I cannot get over how adorable her costume was!