Friday, November 19, 2010

10 Year Reunion

This is me just minus 10 years.


Over the Thanksgiving weekend I will be attending my first high school reunion, our 10 year reunion.  I cannot believe that its been 10 years.  I look at that girl in the picture and I still  feel like I am that 18 year old girl whereas my body tells me otherwise. BOO. HISS. Damn you body!

I would love to time travel to back 10 years and have a nice little chit chat with this young girl.  So in the spirit of my 10 year reunion and due to the fact that time travel is not an option I am going to talk to my 18 year old self through this little blog of mine.  Yay!

So C,

Look around at the friends and family standing by your side.  These are the same people who will be there for you when your heart is broken and help pick up the pieces, when you accept your first real big girl job, the day you walk down the aisle to your very own prince charming, and the moment where you meet the little girl who changes it all.   Call it lucky, or maybe call it a blessing, call it whatever you want but you surrounded yourself among some amazing men and women then and continue to do so today.

Trust in your heart.  It will not lead you astray.  In the end, LOVE does concur all.  And in those moments when you are feeling down and out about it all just get out and dance.  In college you will have the opportunity to live with two of your best friends and unfortunately you will never get that opportunity again.  Whoop it up. Drink, dance and be merry.  It all works out in the end. I promise.

For the love of God please pay attention in math class.  PLEASE.  Your math grades, your college professors, your parents who pay for your college, and all the tutors you hire would greatly appreciate it.  As would I.

Your dream of being a stay at home mom does comes true, and not only that but your kid is freaking awesome.  

Just remember to keep that smile on your face and continue to stay true to yourself.  The next ten years are going to be amazing and a fun crazy ride.

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