Saturday, October 2, 2010

I Couldn't Even Make this up Even if I Tried.

Last night after the family and I went out for dinner we stopped at Corn Country's local beer and liquor store to pick up a 20 pack of beer for a bbq we are having tonight. It was close to Gianna's bed time so I decided to stay in the car with her while Hubs went in to pick out the beer.

While sitting in the car waiting for Hubs a man in his late 70's with a plaid shirt, blue jeans, a brown baseball cap, and a cigarette in his mouth, backs in his LAWNMOWER in the parking spot next to me. Yes, you read that right.... LAWNMOWER! He gets off his lawnmower, takes the last hit from his cigarette, stubs it out, and goes into the store. I couldn't help it. I start cracking up.

Hubs comes out and walks to our car and immediately sees the lawnmower parked in the spot next to us. The expression on his face was priceless. He opens the door and finds me laughing my butt off. I asked him if he saw the older man walk into the store and he said that he did, and in fact the old man was behind him in line grabbing a 30 pack of Bush Light. I told him that that older man was the one who pulled up to the beer store in a lawnmower. He then starts cracking up.

Having the mentality of teenagers Hubs and I decided that there was no way that we could leave the beer store without seeing how this man was going to manage a lawnmower and a 30 pack of Bush light. So Hubs did what anyone in this situation would do.... he pulled our car out of our spot and parked in the the spot across from this mans lawnmower for a better and inconspicuous view. Hubs pulls out his phone and says that he has to get a photo of this to share with his friends... then remembered that he could do even better..... He could video tape this awesome event.

& being the amazing friend that I am, I am going to share this video with you all. Please do not mind all of our laughing. (Even Gianna was cracking up, which was probably due to hearing Hubs and I in hysterics.)

I swear, only this stuff only happens in Corn Country.

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